• Put a bounce sheet in your dresser drawer to make everything smell nice.
  • Pin a bounce sheet over a hanger to keep your coats fresh.
  • Keep a good laundry pre-spotter by your laundry basket to spot stains before washing.
  • Always read labels and follow cleaning instructions.
  • T-shirt folding techniques video


What is Non-Immersion ?

Washing machines and Dry Cleaning machines fill with a liquid  and wash back and forth with soap, then drain and rinse drain again, and spin to remove the liquid, dry cleaning spins 3x faster to remove the liquid. The spinning or extraction is the big problem, it stretches and miss shapes the material and linings with the new clothes and materials being made, clothes are being stretched and twisted beyond repair. Now this is where the non immersion changes everything, the new technology does not fill with liquid the Hydro Carbon molecule attaches its self to the dirt molecule  and with air and heat removes the stain. So it cleans in a fog, now it doesn’t need to spin or extract to remove all the liquid, no twisting or stretching safe on beads and buckles.the new suits and dresses that are more delicate turn out beautiful. The technology far exceeds the old machines, it is 95% eco-friendly less hydro less water no natural gas, the only thing that i have to send away to get processed is the filters once a year.