Since June 6, 1979  Brent and Tammy purchased the business from their father. Four decades later owners Brent and Tammy Ripley are proud to celebrate their 40th anniversary at 108 Keil Drive.  Over the years, the Ripleys have made it a point to upgrade and invest in environmentally friendly state-of-the-art technology in their dry cleaning and laundrymat.  Part of that decision was eliminating on-suite dry cleaning 5 years ago.

They now have one the best environmental machines that they can buy.  Their hydro carbon eco-friendly Ipura system uses a Non-Emersion Technology  that is very delicate with clothing. The Ipura system instead applies a specific amount of of solvent to the garments.  the solvent droplets pick up the dirt on the surface and between fibers of the garment while the air flow carries it away impeding the ability of fibers to swell. This allows cleaning to happen in 1/3 the time of traditional methods!  The gentle process also maintains fiber and texture in clothes, while preserving colour as well.

We have ten 20lb, three 45lb and 2 large 62lb washer that is the largest coin washer in Chatham.  Washers large enough to handle extra large duvets or your car / boat covers  These washers have come from Sweden which has some of the best European technology.  All of them have a pre-wash before the main wash to give the best wash possible.  There are 6 wash choices from cold to delicate and even a quick wash.  They also spin the water out at 100Gs so your clothes come out almost dry.

With a onsite boiler and the latest in pressing equipment, your cloths will look new, feel crisp and smell fresh.

They also have a 50lb Milinor washing machine and 75Ib dryer that can expertly clean all you laundry needs like, wash and fold service, commercial and sports team uniforms, any size comforters, extra large duvets and much more.

Betty Brite Cleaners also has a seamstresses on staff with a combined 40yrs experience to do everything from patching jeans and coveralls to shortening sleeves on your new suit.